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Manufactured Center Link Setup

Custom Center Link Setup

The McColl Racing manufactured center link has been manufactured for strength, adjustability, smoothness of steering and improved geometry.

It is available for Road Course and Circle Track.  

Complete kits can include:

Center Link; Idler arm, seals, bearing, races, spacers, sleeves, idler arm bolts, pitman arm and chassis tab.

** Modification to an existing chassis will need to be made to ensure proper location for the idler arm bracket (not shown).

Custom Spindles

Custom Spindles

To get the most out of your chassis it is often necessary to use a custom built or modified spindle. Be it a 5x5, Wide 5, or an Impala spindle, McColl Racing can modify an existing spindle to yours specific needs.


Changes in:

  • Spindle heights

  • Ball joint taper

  • Acerman

  • Brake brackets

  • Arm lengths

  • Tie rod mounts

  • Pin angle

Upper Control Arms

Upper Control Arms

Let us make that perfect upper control arm for you. 

Custom Upper Control Arm Option:

  • Cross shafts (bearings, lenghts, slotted etc)

  • Ball joint sleeves (large, small, screw-in, bolt-in, press-in)

  • Ball joint sleeve angle

  • Ball joint location for caster

  • Arm length

Lower Strut Arms

Lower Strut Arms

Why settler for an off the shelf lower strut arm, when McColl Racing can make you one to work with your chassis?

Custom strut arm options:

  • Lengths

  • Clevis or heim attachment

  • Sway bar connection options

  • Shock  mount location

Lower A-Arms

Lower A-Arm

Let McColl Racing make you a set of our custom lower A-Arms. Based off your series or track rules we can help you maximize your cars performance. We can make a totally fabricated lower, customised stock lower, or just make you a race ready stock lower.

Lower A-Arm options:

  • Tubular, modified stock, stock

  • Ball joint location (forward, back etc)

  • Ball joint sleeve size

  • Shock mount location

  • Bushings (mono ball, roller bearing, polyurethane, steel)

  • Lengths

  • Pocketed for helix

  • Lightened

  • Sway bar mounts

Road Course Breather

Road Course Breather

Originally designed and built  for the NASCAR Canada Racing Series, this breather setup helps eliminate oil loss and oil misting on the engine in hard cornering situations by re-locating the engine breathers between the engines valve covers.

Although designed for NASCAR GM LS Spec engines, this kit can easily be modified to fit any car that has a "V" engine

Panhard Bars

Panhard Bar

Panhard bars use to go behind a rearend. With the focus now on weight, weight location and safety, the fuel cell has moved ever closer to the back of the rearend eliminating the clearance needed for the rear mount panhard bar. Panhard bars are now located ahead of the rearend. To get the panhard bar as far to the left as possible, the panhard bar now goes over the driveshaft.

McColl Racing can fabricate a proper sturdy panhard bar arch and provide you with all the adjusters, tubes and heims. 

Watts Links

Watts Link

If you run a solid axle car that makes right and left turns,you will benefit from a Watts Link setup.

McColl Racing manufacture a Watts Link that can be added to your car with some basic modification. The centre of  our Watts Link is our double shear mono ball pivot plate built for taking the stress of performance driving. We use 3/4" Grade 8 bolts, aircraft quality 3 piece rod ends with teflon inserts and 1/2" serated housing mount and adjuster.

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