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Chassis Setup

Getting ready for the new race season or that next big race weekend or feel like your missing something is keeping you from Victory Lane.

Contact McColl Racing to book your car in for a Setup Day at 519-568-3312, 800-423-3407 or email us at

When you come to McColl Racing for a setup you are not just getting work done on your race car, you learn about car geometry, as well as how various adjustments will affect your car.

Below list the checks and areas of potential adjustment that are made during a setup day at McColl Racing.

- Front End Toe                                                                 - Caster                                         - Camber

- Bump Travel                                                                   - Anti-Dive Upper & Lower          - Ackerman

- Roll Center Measurements and Changes - Front       - Sway Bar

- Rear End Check for Straight and True                         - Rear End Toe                             - Pinion Angle

- Upper Link Angle                                                           - Trailing Arm Angles                  - Panhard Heights and Setting

- Roll Center Measurements and Changes - Rear

- Shock Measurements                                                    - Shocks Dyno                              - Springs Rated                               - Bump Stop Setting

- Corner Weights                                                              - Cross Weight                              - Left Side Weight

- Rear Weight                                                                    - Stringing of Chassis                  - Ride Heights                 

- Checking for Chassis & Suspension Binds                - Checking for Worn or Damaged Suspension 

First professional setup day?

Tuesdays to Thursdays  8am - 6pm or later

If your coming to us for your first setup, plan to be here for a whole day. Bring any spare parts you have and at least one good helper that can work along with you and our Tech as you will be required to do plenty of manual labour.

What we expect of your car when you come for a setup

For a setup day we expect you to bring your car race ready. By this we mean it should be roll into our shop as if you are ready to run a feature race.

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