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November 19, 2020

Pricing as of October 5, 2021
** New Product with Introductory Special Pricing**


SCHROTH RACING - Frontal Head Restraints



Don’t let the entry level price fool you. The Evo’s outstanding performance, lightweight body and included tether + helmet posts makes it one of the best values on the market.

► SFI 38.1 Certified

► 1.61 LBS weight

► 20 degree angle

► Includes device tether and and helmet twist anchors

► sliding tether for extended range of motion and fixed winglets keeps your harness secured


Size Medium and Large

Pricing as of October 5, 2021
Race Car Technoloby - Full Course
by Bob Bolles
In Stock $195
First step to help with the performance of your race car is knowledge, avoid the trial-and-error approach to chassis setup and go right to the expert Bob Bolles.
His book will teach you sound, proven technology that is both easy to understand and easy to use, so you can set up your race car in the shop and see the positive results on the track immediately, with very little tweaking. What follows is a common-sense approach to chassis setup, vehicle dynamics and race-car design, founded on solid engineering theory. However, you will need to have an open mind, and be willing to accept new ideas that may go against previous chassis setup thinking. The technology presented in this book applies to all race cars, from quarter midgets to Formula One and everything in between. This book leans towards stock car racing because as it represents most of the world's automobile racing be it asphalt oval, road course or dirt.
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winters wix.jpg
Pricing as of October 5, 2021
** Special Price Only 5 Available **


High-Performance GM Racing Radiator

by Spectra Premium

$350 taxes included


Part Number: RR1500

► Crossflow Aluminum Racing radiator

► Overall Dimension: 29 3/4" x 19 1/4" x 3"

► Core dimensions 24.5" x 18.5/16" x 2.2"

► 2 Row

► Internal Oil Cooler on passenger side

► Size-20AN Female Inlet Upper driver side

► 1-3/4" Outlet Lower passenger side

Spectra Rad - Chevy.jpg
Pricing as of  November 19, 2020
Pricing as of October 5, 2021
Pricing as of November 13, 2020
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